Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back Again

I drove the long 6 hour drive from Colfax, WA to Olympia yesterday and am home again.  It was a wonderful trip and I met some really nice new people.  We had good news that Barbara's cancer seems to be located only in her uterus and will be addressed with surgery.

The terrain is so different from the western side of the state that it is extraordinary.  We went for a drive to a Butte called Steptoe Butte from which we had magnificent vistas complete with rainbows and rain storms.  From this high vantage left behind from a glacier thousands of years ago, you can see hundreds of miles of patchwork farm country on which wheat, grains, legumes, soybeans grow abundantly.

My thanks to the Corridinni Family for including me as a member of the family.  Congratulations to Dr. Emily French, DVM for graduating in the top 25 percent of the class with honors and for taking good care of Mister T.


Createology said...

Looks like a wonderful vista. Prayers for a successful surgery and complete cure. Mister T looks very happy.

marge said...

what the heck is that contraption - a storm chaser!!!