Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gardening Today

Nice day today so I began it by doing some gardening.  I planted about 20 raspberry plants.  There is soooo much grass growing around last years berry vines that it will take me all afternoon to clean them out .  I did mulch them when I put them in but since I have put down the black plastic and pebbles that is the only open spaced and the weeds moved right on in.  I now have to find the wire and wire up between the poles to support them.

I got the berry vines from a Senior Center plant sale.  Someone had lovingly dug them up, cleaned them off, put them in ziplock bags with garden soil and cinched them up.  I bought 20 plants or a quarter a piece!  I could not have done all that work for .25 a piece.

Then I cleaned around the oldest strawberry box.  Lots of runners had established themselves and I pulled them all up and put them in a canning pot (they make great garden pails).  I will turn one of the new garden boxes into a strawberry box so I will have three strawberry beds altogether.  Should have enough for jam and eating this year!

So many projects so little time!  I love this shovel that I bought for $1 at a garage sale.  It is from Smith and Harkins.  The wagon was from a garage sale too.

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Katidids said...

WOW that was a serious score of berries! Somene realllly wanted to share the wealth thats for sure. Looks like you have a great set up. Ours survived the winter (first one) we still have to put up support posts and sires but I figure we have a few weeks to get that done. I got onions in today with littles now you knowwhy it was only onions! Beautiful sunny day!