Monday, March 1, 2010

BPA and Canning Jar Lids

New piece on BPA and canning jar lids can be found at article.  This is important to read to educate yourself on the potential dangers of BPA and it's possible effects on canning jar lids.

After doing some research I am still going to use metal lids.  I will be very cautious though and will never store jars upside down.  At this point the alternative is glass jar lids and they are still too expensive for The Frugal Fraulein. Also a while back I purchase two cases of jar lids at a reduced rate.  I keep them in my cool garage where they will never get really hot.  Remember storing unused canning jar lids in a hot place can melt them together.  Unsticking them can make them unable to adequately seal.

So many things to think about now that we have all this new fangled technology. I remain confident that my home grown veggies that are home grown are better than the veggies found canned in metal cans in the grocery store.  We do not know where they were grown, how they were grown, what kind of seed was used, what kind of chemicals were used, who touched them, what was the consciousness of the farmer, picker, canner, what was added to the can as preservatives, how long they sat around before canning, were there bugs and rodents around and how long have they been sitting in the can!  I prefer my own because I know I grow, tend and can and store with love.  Please go and read this article and share it with your friends.  Tweet it or Facebook it or share with your canning friends. BPA and Canning Jar Lids

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Love , love, love the new beautiful picture! Are they peaches? I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for adding me to your blog roll.

I love canning and appreciate your recent article.