Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Give-A-Way Winner

Today is the Valentine's Day Giveaway drawing!  

I pondered and pondered how to chose one person.  I could have put all the names in a hat and had Mister T pick one out with his nose.  I could have used a canned internet random product. I could have asked my Mother to pick one for me.

Instead, I have decided that everyone who entered is a winner!  You will all receive a fabulous fabric brooch! Each will be different and unique just as we all are.  Because you took the time to enter and have been supporting me in my fledgling attempts at blogging and now a giveaway, it seems only right that I reward each of you and extend my sincere gratitude.

I will be emailing each of you to get a mailing address.  Congratulations!!  Happy Valentines's Day with love The Frugal Fraulein and Mister T

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PioneerPreppy said...

Gratz to all of you and whata good call Fraulein!!!