Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pantry Eating Challenge Day 6

Weeks can go by and I don't go out to eat.  For some reason since I began this challenge I have been taken out to eat over and over again.  Jeepers I should have gone on this challenge weeks ago! Sometimes you just have to be thankful and today is one of those days.

So I did not have to cook today.  It is a good thing because I have that lovely chicken and sauce and quiche waiting in the refrigerator.  Tomorrow I might have to put in in containers and freeze it for a later date.  Funny thing is that one of my goals was to clean out the freezer in the refrigerator and it seems I keep adding to it.

Hopefully I will have more to report tomorrow!  If I don't purchase anything I will be able to put the $50 that is budgeted for this week's grocercies in my savings jar.  Wooo Hooo that will mean there is $73.50 in the jar!!!        Stay tuned.

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