Thursday, December 17, 2009

What To Get For The Dog That Has Everything

 Mister T, my best friend is tops on my Christmas list.  When he went to see Santa Claws he barked he wanted stuffed animals that he could rip apart and pull the stuffing out of, squeeky toys to bite till the squeeker is silenced and rubber balls that can be shredded into millions of pieces so he can watch me clean up his prizes.  But these are the things he asks for every year.  What do you get the dog that has everything?

Well, I have found the perfect gift.  He will be the envy of the big bad Rotweiler down the street who fiercely barks at him when he walks by on the walk to Grandma's house.  The envy of Driveway Kitty who lives across the street and never leaves her driveway day or night. Mini Pincher who jumps up and down and barks nervously when Mister T checks out the mailbox (why he always wants to do his business under the mailbox is a myster to me) will be annoyed.  Bentley, his best Dachshund friend will surely be jealous. Finally, Midnight The Kitten who has had the nerve to move into the house next door and does not understand the boundary of his yard and ours will be confused.

Mister T is going to be a male fashionisti (is that the male version of a fashionista?) and will set the vogue fashion standard for the entire neighborhood.  He just may be called to be on Jay Leno or Ellen Degeneras for being a trend setter not an Irish Setter.

Pup and Co Boutique has a fabulous selection of accoutremonts for your canine buddy.  What caught my eye was an accessory that will make Mister T's day and have him really stand out and show his inner self.  What do you think?

There are other wigs to choose from to match your dog's personality and inner diva.  Since Mister T is a real guy type he will be able to show his power with the spiked look.  He is really a wild and crazy guy and wants to show off his individuality,  Can you hear him say, "It's good to be me"?

The other selections just weren't the real Mister T but are worth sharing with you.

The afro look was his second choice.  It is a strong and handsome statement.

The pink  tosseled look and this vixen model did catch his eye. He is thinking of asking for her number.

The blue flowing look might be good for the beach.

The pink flip was cute and too flirty.  Just not his style.

He did actually ask for the Bob Marley look but we thought he might be easier to catch by the Rotweiller.

And finally, the Sara Palin look.  Mister T didn't vote for her so he said it would be politically incorrect to dress up like her. Cross dressing is really not his thing.

Although these gifts aren't frugal, they are fun and Mister T will be the toast of the neighborhood and that is worth all the money in the world to me.  I love you Mister T and Merry Christmas!!

Mister T wants to wish you all a Merry Christmas by singing a little song.

woof, woof, woof
woof, woof, woof
woof, woof, woof, woof, woof
woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof,
woof, wooooof, wooooof, woooof, woooof, wooooooooooooooof


margearm said...

Take a vote - has frugal freilein been into her pickleing juice?? I vote yes. Actually this was a very humerous report.

Franklyn said...

Very funny I have added a link to this article on my webpage at

I vote yes on the pickleing juice as well.

Looking forward to getting together after the holidays and save some picleing juice for me. (grin)

Good Dog said...

It's the Sarah Palin look that is sooooo stunning!
Great post, thanks for the fun article. I tweeted it and posted to my blog as well via Sidewiki.

Bentley's human said...

Love it! and our favorite Frugalista is quite right, Bentley is definitely jealous! However, the sting was taken out of it by the gift of the delicious peanut butter treats made by noneother than the Frugalista herself! Mr. T., you are a cool dude!

Anonymous said...

Mister is definetly trying to get the phone numbers of those babes! My cat sings the same song except in cat language.
Haylee and Lucas the next door neighbors