Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ten Frugal Gifts Under $10

No matter what your holiday budget, there are always those names that show up on your list that you are stumped as to what to get for them.  My favorite under $10 gift list might help.

  1. Popcorn Cans  Chain drug stores and discount stores offer large cans of multi flavored popcorn for between $4.99-5.99.  These are great gifts for a family.  They can open the popcorn on movie night and have a party!  The can can also be saved to use as a convienient storage container or toy container for the kids! I bought a couple on sale this year for $3.99.  You can't beat that price!
  2. Garden Bulbs  Garden bulbs to sprout in the house are one of my favorite gifts.  Some come with the container and the growing medium like Amaryllis which are usually $6.99.  This lovely plant will grow tall and produce a spectacular set of large flowers.  It can be planted later in the garden or kept in the house as a house plant.  I also like other bulbs such as hyacynth, paperwhites, tulips, crocus, snowdrops and daffodils.  The bulbs can be either put into a bulb jar or put onto small stones and allowed to sprout.  What a delight to see fresh flowers in winter and they can later be planted in the garden to come up next year. 
  3. Books  All the chain bookstores have sections of books under $10 displayed.  There are loads of coffee table books and DYI books that can be chosen for your special person. Recipe, automotive, craft, gardening books are forever and I know I love my library.  Christmas time I get out holiday books and put them out as part of my holiday decorating.  (I also got out the wreath books I have collected over the years for inspiration on making my holiday wreaths.) Watch for coupons at the large retailers.  I get coupons from Borders for 40% off monthly.
  4. Charms  Theme charms are so popular these days and can be used for so many things.  Most all of women I know have gotten out their charm bracelets again.  Charms are used on lots of crafts or simply strung on a piece of black cord for a lovely necklace.
  5. Coffee Beans  As a coffee drinker I always appreciate some different coffee beans to try.  With lots of local baristas and coffee bean roaster there are lots of new flavors to try out.  One year I gave bags of beans and a vintage silver plated spoon dipped in melted chocolate for gifts.
  6. Bandana Collection  Bandanas are great to use for head covers, head bands, hankerchiefs and a great addition to an emergency kit.  I find them usually around a dollar at Michaels and JoAnnes and buy up a rainbow of colors, roll them and put them in a canning jar.  I fold mine into a strip and tie on the top of my head as a hair band.  It keeps the hair out of my face and helps absorb persperation when I am in the garden.  Start a new trend in your neighborhood!
  7. Hot Sauce  Now there are loads of good homemade bottled hot sauces for sale.  I love hot sauce to add to recipes to give them a little bang.  The labels are usually interesting and funny so go check them out.  You might want to include a copy of a favorite recipe as well.  This is a great guy gift and one that will be used.
  8. Plant Food  If there is a gardener on your list a bottle of plant food either for indoor or outdoor plants is a great thoughtful and unexpected gift.  It is a product all gardeners need and will use.
  9. Movie Tickets  Tickets can now be purchased at Costco for less than you can purchase a ticket at the theater counter.  A ticket can be used at any time for any show.  Package the ticket with a package of M&Ms for a great entertainment gift.
  10. Gift Certificates  Certificates and gift cards are great for those folks that live far away.  You can save huge amounts by sending a holiday card with a coupon inside.  I look for more unusual certificates like for the person's favorite food treat.  Donuts, ice cream stores, fish markets, even the farm stand will create gift certificates.  I call the store, pay with the certificate with my bank card and depending on the store,  either have it sent to me or held for the person.  In the past, I have bought gift cards from cobblers (a guy friend had his favorite work shoes resoled), automotive oil changing shops, drive up coffee baristas and pizza shops.
It is all about imagination and thinking of gifts you would like to receive.

If you have any ideas to add to the list please email me at  Thanks and Happy Holidays!!


margearm said...

good ideas; now willyou go do my shopping, wrap it and mail it to me.

The Frugal Fraulein said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. I was beginning to think my comment button was broken. Of course I will do your shopping. Just send me your credit card!

Laurel said...

I found a "Bowers" (my maiden name) cashew crunch can in a antique shop and bought it. Then I made some cashew crunch and gave it to one of my sisters - it was a real hit! Thanks for the idea, Abby!

Laurel said...

I love charm bracelets and haven't worn mine for so long so it is in dire need of a good polishing. Thanks for the reminder, I will wear it at Christmas and New Year's this year!

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