Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Frugal Holiday Candy

After the holiday I don't run out for sales on wrapping paper and Christmas tree ornaments, I run out for the 1/2 price sale on holiday candy!  The stores want to unload all those chocolate santas and red and green M&M's to get ready for Valentine's Day candy.  Grocery stores, drug stores and big box stores are all loaded with candy on sale.  It is not only candy but cookies, popcorn cans and even fruit cake.

I keep a candy box in the pantry for the three neighbor children.  I know one of the reasons they like to come and visit me almost every day.  It is not only my bright personality, big hugs, ideas for fun things to do (like pick up the apples under Abby's apple tree or pick rocks in the garden for a penny a piece) but really the magic box.  They know where it is and even the two year old knows how to slide open the drawer and find a goodie.

The box is stocked year round with candy that has been purchased after holidays.  They don't seem to mind at all and I never get complaints.  This year they went to that Wally store with me and we found bags of candy for .50.  They were able to pick out some of their favorites and decided to test one of the bags on the way home in the car.

All kidding aside, if you have a sweet tooth and just like the idea of a candy insurance plan, buy some holiday candy and store it away preferably in an air tight container or the freezer.  When that craving occurs you will have the supplies you need at hand.  For me personally, just knowing it is in the house makes me happy and doesn't inspire me to buy lots of extras when I grocery shop.  I can't say I have lost weight on this plan but I have probably done less candy impulse buying.

Get out there fast the supplies are dwindling!

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