Sunday, December 13, 2009

Frugal Entertainment

Last evening my long time friend, Bruce, a concert pianist and cellist, called and invited me to attend a performance of an opera he was accompaning at Saint Martin's University . It was a wonderful evening of music.  The opera was The Marriage of Figaro and the students performed major parts of the opera in the style of open book.

Attending performances at local universities and colleges is a great way to support the students and experience a variety of music often for free (my favorite word).  Last night's performance was free and was meant for family, friends and students.  Since most of the student's do not live locally there is always room for the public to attend.  Attending gives the students a larger audience to perform for and gain valuable experience.

Institutions of higher education offer music, drama, sporting events continuously throughout the year.  Often they have mailing or email lists for their schedules and are happy to add your name.  I have attended not only operas but trio performances, orchestrial and concert performances, plays, broadway shows, dances, ballet and sporting events.  Sometimes the performances are during the day and are great sources of entertainment for senior citizens.  My mother has attended quite a few of the local performances and sometimes a bus will bring seniors from one of the local senior residential villages.  They are appreciative audiences and sometimes have great words of wisdom to pass along to the students afterwards at the meet and greet.

So if you are looking for frugal entertainment try local schools and experience local cultural events.  Since I live very near the Washington State Capital, I have also attened free events there.  The most amazing was a flute concert in the rotunda where the music wafted and flowed towards the heavens.  The audience was scattered along the balconies and stairways with the flutists.  It was one of the most beautiful musical experiences I have ever attended and again was open to the general public.

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Laurel said...

I love music and appreciate the next best thing to attending, a vicarious "attend" by way of Abby's blog. Thanks, Abby, I especially love the photo! Some kind of floor they have, beautiful place.