Monday, September 14, 2009

Yakima Connection Produce Stand Fall Harvest Festival

Garrett ,owner, of the Yakima Connection produce stand on the corner of Mullen Road and Carpenter Road in Lacey, WA will be closing down for the season on September 30th.  September 25th and 27th the last of the fall harvest will be arriving from the farms.  Please stop by for some fabulous prices on food direct from the fields.  This stand has been extremely popular this summer.  By 4:00 each day, the parking lot is filled with people coming home from work and shopping for a fresh dinner of summer's bounty.

 9/16/09  Thursday Special 
Boxes of Peaches slightly bruised ready for canning only $5 a box!!!! 

35 ears of corn for $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  or 7 ears for only $1 !!!!!!!Get it while it is available.  It is the end of the season.  Corn has been extremely good this year.  Truck will arrive after 4 pm today

600-700 lbs of watermellon for only $40  Watermellon blow-out sale!  Watermellon can be made into wine, dehydrated for delicious candy like fruit leather, rinds can be pickled or you can get enough watermellon to feed an army this weekend.

Canning prices
Peaches         20 lb lug................$18.95
Pears             20 lb lug................$12.98
Tomatoes      24 lb lug................$14.98
Beets             25 lb bag...............$16.00

Call Garrett to order lugs of fruit for canning and he will have them delivered fresh.  Give him at least a two day notice. I ordered green beans and cukes for pickles and they had been picked that morning!!!    360-561-0523

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