Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Storage Unit

I found this storage unit at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago for $40.  It is a buiness storage unit meant for office use that has four sides and swivels.  Two of the sides are shelf units and the other two sides are walls.  By the use of a foot lever the units pivot and swing around so you can access either the storage sides or leave the wall showing thereby hiding the shelves.  I saw this unit and bells went off in my head.  What a perfect unit to store my canning jars and canned goods!  Once I got the three units to the garage with the help of a very good friend we determined if we placed it right inside the garage door when the door is open it would block the view of all the things I have in the garage.  Since I am into preparedness I have stored all sorts of things over the years and really do not want people seeing what I have. This has turned out to be the perfect storage solution.

I used rubber nonskid shelf liner to keep items on the shelfs as the unit swivels and I will be designing some sort of tie system as a second protection to keep jars in place.  One side of the unit has jars that I canned this year and the other side has canned goods.  I am so thrilled with this system that I keep going out there to look at it and gloat.

The unit is seven feet tall and each of the three subunits are 34 inches wide.  The three subunits are hooked together and the entire unit is extremely heavy so it will be difficult to tip it over.  I will be 9ok so Tim will be) drilling bolts into the cement floor to secure it to the floor as protection in the case of an earthquake.