Friday, September 18, 2009

Groceries for a Week

I read The Survivalist Blog daily. MD Creekmore linked to a profound article from another site that contained photos of families from various countries and what the family eats in one week. Clink on Family Grocery Pictures to open the website. 

What would a weeks worth of food look like for your family? How many meals are eaten out? How many times do you have food delivered? How much produce is consumed? How much soda is drunk? Check out which families have processed foods and which don’t.  How much does your family spend a week?  All good questions to ponder.

Please look at these pictures slowly and carefully. They made me think what a display of my families weekly consumption would look like and how I would feel if it was posted on the internet. Could I hide the Doritos?

Actually, I am striving to make more items by hand and purchase less processed foods. I will never convince Tim that hot dogs, bacon, bologna and kielbasa are not healthy, but, I can choose other items for myself. I am having fish at least two times a week and one meatless night. With fresh produce still in the garden it is easy to do this time of year. In the winter I will have to be creative with soups made with my canned produce and grains.


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