Sunday, September 20, 2009

Canning Corn

The key to canning corn is time.  If you have extra time it is well worth it.  I happen to like canned corn better than frozen corn so once a year I set aside a couple of days to get the job done.

This year the corn has been excellent.  When it is in season we like to grill it on the gas grill right inside the husks.  First soak it in water then put it on the grill and turn it often.  It steams inside the husks and has a great flavor.

To can corn it must be canned using a pressure canner.  Corn has a low ph level.  Corn can be hot packed or raw packed.  To save time I chose to raw pack my corn.  First shuck the corn and clean off all the silk strings.  Next cut the corn from the cobs.  The corn will come off in long pieces which can be broken up easily into niblets.  Caution.  This is a messy job.  The kernals seem to have a life of their own and fly around the kitchen as they are cut from the ears.  Some people used a special tool to cut corn off the cobs.  I prefer to use a pairing knife.  There are methods using two bowls or an angel food pan or bundt pan to catch the corn.  I use a cutting board and dump the corn into a large stainless steal bowl.  I also scrape the cob to get off all the milk and kernal residue.

 Pack the corn into hot clean quart jars and fill up to the rim with boiling water.  Adding salt is an option.  Clean rims and add lids and rings.  Corn needs to be canned for 85 minutes in the pressure cooker at 10 pounds pressure at low altitude.  Adapt your canning times and pressure depending on where you live.

Do not be surprised if the liquid has a milky appearance as it is only the starch from the corn.  Corn can change color and darken when canned and the water level might drop due to the corn absorbing the liquid.  As long as the lid is sealed all is well.

I took all the husks to the compost pile and threw away the cobs.  In the past I have taken them to friends with cows. I walked down to my mother's home and picked up her dachshund, Tinker.  Tinker likes food, any kind of food.  His nickname is Hoover.  Hoover came down and cleaned up all the corn that had flown around the kitchen and I swear had a smile on his face doing it.  So I have beautiful canned corn, more goodies in my compost pile and a happy dog!  An afternoon well spent.

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