Sunday, August 16, 2009

Up to My Neck In Nectarines

I have been incredibly busy with nectarines and spending 12 hour shifts with a lovely lady on her final journey in this lifetime. While it is an honor to serve her, I have been pressed by my own thoughts and limitations. It has been time to put my needs aside and put someone else's first. Each day is a challenge and I am grateful for every moment.

Now to the nectarines. I told you I bought six cases of the little jewels. My home smells like nectarines, my clothes are covered with nectarines and my kitchen is sticky with nectarine juice. It is all wonderful. I wonder if anyone has developed a nectarine perfume. I know it smells heavenly. With Tim's help we canned 14 quarts and 38 pints of the sweet smelling fruit and experimented with many variations of nectarine jam.

I used sugar, sugar and Splenda mixed, Splenda and no sugar at all. All set up just fine and are delicious. One batch even has blueberries mixed in and that batch is my favorite. Now I have jam for my friends with diets and diabetes and just plain discerning taste buds.

I have to admit I lost some of the fruit to mold. It was crushing to see it in the bottom of the boxes but the dear sweet lady needed my attention more than the canning pot. Sometimes a decision has to be made and I am sure my choice was the right one. One day in the future I will open a jar of nectarine jam and see her loving face.

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