Saturday, August 1, 2009

Heat Wave is Over!

Thank goodness the heat wave is over! One day the news reported it was 115 in my town and my mother's thermometer read 120! We found spraying ourselves with water and sitting in front of the fan was the best idea. Had to do the same with the dachshunds and we kept giving them water and ice cubes to lick. An eye opening experience for us here in the Pacific Northwest. Most homes do not have air conditioners and I bet there was a run on them this week.

This morning it is cool and overcast. Good day to finish processing the giant zucchinis that grew in the heat wave. The small zucchini in the picture are not mutants but a ball zucchini I am trying this summer. I think I like the regular ones better that is probably because I am not used to this variation. I keep looking at them thinking they are acorn squash!

Yesterday I baked six loaves of quick bread and froze them. Today baked 14 jars of zucchini quick bread and will be making zucchini hot dog relish. Might not be pretty but sure does taste good. I also want to go and pick more blueberries this weekend. We will see what I get accomplished since I have a few days of housework to catch up on and want to enjoy the cool weather.

I was reading my new friend Serina's blog entry on aprons last night in cannin and jammin. I had to laugh because I had an apron experience yesterday. Towards the end of the day my mother dropped by and tooted the horn for me to come outside. She said she had gone to the store and the red peppers I had asked for were $1.50 a piece and she would not buy them (good for her - I am rubbing off on her). She said she would take me to the farm stand down the street. There is a new stand called Yakima Produce on the corner of Mullen and Carpenter Road in Lacey. I jumped into her car without thinking. The farm stand had huge peppers at 6/$1 which was perfect for relish. When I went up to the counter the very friendly woman said," You must really want those peppers". I was stumped why she would say that and then looked down. I still had my well used baking apron on! I told her I had been baking zucchini bread all day and that I canned and taught canning lessons. Before I knew it I was asked to give them a poster and business cards and they would spread the word!

I also spoke to her about the end of the day produce that they throw away. Being as frugal as I am I am not too proud to sort through a box of produce that might have a blemish or wrinkle cut them out and use them. They are now going to call me when they get a box and since they are so close it will be easy to run over and pick it up. Win win they have less trash to attract critters and I have a surprise box full of wonderful produce to be creative with. The Frugal Fraulein at it again.

By the way, this stand gets produce fresh daily from the other side of the Cascade Mountains. The owners are very friendly and helpful and have promised to carry case lots when the produce is less expensive for canners. This is a great service and a convienient place to shop with lots of parking. If you buy a big load of produce they even help you to the car with it. Now that is service! Stop by if you are in the Lacey/Olympia area and say hello. Tell them the Frugal Fraulein sent you!


Serina Tustin said...

The bread in a jar is lovely. How long do you feel it is safe to keep this way? I would be interested in knowing. My mother used to can some this way around the holdiays to give as gifts, but we always told the recipeant to eat within the week.

So glad that it has cooled down for you, it is miserable trying to work, cook, or anything else when it is that hot..

Frugal Canner said...

The "experts" do not recommend canning breads.
I have been doing it for years and consume it within a few months if it is perfectly sealed. To be honest I have eaten some that was more than a year old but I would not recommend that for others. Do what feels right to you.