Thursday, July 9, 2009

Introducing Frugal Canning

Although I have been canning over 20 years, I marvel at how much I learn from Blogs. Time for me to create my own Blog and share some of my experiences.

I have ideas for canning tips, tips to save money, gardening tips and tips on tips.

I am proud of the fact that my friends call me the Frugal Fraulein. I am not German but the name has a nice ring to it. If something is free I am interested. If it is on sale I will investigate. If it is not on sale or free, I keep walking. I love yard sales and especially estate sales. Rarely a Saturday goes by when I don't stop at a few yard sales to see what is available. So my Blog will not sound like a Martha Stewart article. Now don't get me wrong. I admire Martha's business sense and have been a fan for years. I just have not created her bank account....yet.
So if you are interested in canning and related subjects, please keep an eye on my new Blog. Thanks for stopping by.
The Frugal Fraulein
Tip #1 canning jars
Canning jars are no longer inexpensive in the stores. Currently they are between $8 and $10 dollars which is .68 to .83 a piece. Now is the time to be stocking up. Watch for them at yard sales. Many people are unloading boxes of jars that they inherited from relatives that canned. The current generations are not so interested in canning and more interested in filling their garages with other stuff. Carefully check to be sure the rims are not chipped or cracked. Pass by mayo and pickle jars. While they have their uses, I choose to use namebrand canning jars like Mason, Ball and Kerr. I will not pay more than $4 a box for a dozen jars (.33 a piece) and most often pay far less. Sometimes when I am at a yard sale and don't see any jars but do see a full garage, I ask nicely. The homeowner might give me loose jars to get rid of them. Recently, I put an ad in Craigslist asking for free jars. I got all kinds of calls and picked up quite a few jars for free!
Other sources can be thrift stores, used good stores, church bazzars and estate sales. Put up an ad on the bulletan board at work or the grocery store. Ask older family and friends. The older mother of a friend just offered me her collection of jars because none of her adult children do the can can.


John Shull said...

Hey Abby --
Really terrific website. I love the conversational way you write. Makes it all the more enjoyable to read.

winker1900 said...

Frugal Fraulein....what a clever name! I am going to keep an eye on this site for sure. Will you be adding recipes?

Farmer's Daughter said...

I got a whole bunch of canning jars from my grandmother. She still cans tomatoes and other things, but now that her 5 children are grown and her husband has passed away, she doesn't need nearly so many jars. I would guess that grandmas would be a great source of canning jars for most people :)

Frugal Canner said...

Farmer's are so right. The mother of one of my friends just offered me all her canning equipment because none of her adult children or grandchildren have ever shown any interest. I do find lots of people who are interesting in learning how to can though of all ages! I think it is experiencing a re-birth.