Friday, July 17, 2009

Eat Your Front Lawn! #5

Finally, I began to plant vegetables that my family would enjoy. There was not a well thought out plan. I did not have guidance from a landscaper or a Master Gardener. I simply listened to my inner voice. I tried some sets from the local garden center and some seeds (all bought on sale of course).

As the spring and summer eclipsed, the tomatoes turned red, the greens reached their peak and everything flourished. Were there lessons and mistakes? Yes. I resolved myself to knowing this was the first year of a new adventure and commitment. Next year I could make changes and improve. As far as I am concerned, my experiment was a huge success. I had rid the yard of most of the grass, had put fresh homegrown food on the table, fed many critters and shared produce with friends and neighbors. What else could I have asked for from my simple resolve to rid my yard of time consuming grass and put food on the table?

Here I am picking brussel sprouts on Thanksgiving morning picked fresh from my edible front lawn!

One more story about mulching the pathways.

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