Sunday, July 26, 2009

Canning Books

Posted by PicasaBerore you say it or post a comment, I have not actually canned books. I do say I will can anything not moving but come on!
Here are some of my favorite canning books sitting on top of my wood stove. Have you treated yourself to a new one lately? If no, check out my list of favorites, then click on a link and go to Amazon and buy yourself a present. Remember you can get used books from Amazon and save lots of money. Use the link to order anything from Amazon!


Jacki said...

I do don't business with Amazon, but I have found plenty of good deals on and 1/2Price Books.

I have a favorite cook book I bought at the Amish School Auction in Clarita, OK back in 1993. It was a fund-raising type cookbook, with a collection of recipes from Amish women. My favorite section has recipes for canning ALL KINDS of things, like bologna, meatballs, steaks, etc. It's a wonderful book!

Blogger said...

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